What Real-Life Witches Think About Crystals and Tarot Becoming Trendy

Practices rooted in witchcraft (think crystal healing, tarot reading, spells, and divination or fortune telling) are experiencing a wholesale resurgence in American culture at the moment. In fact, these ancient, female-helmed rituals, which were once considered so evil they could get you executed, have become so mainstream that huge retailers like Sephora and Anthropologie are selling witchy materials (rose quartz, tarot decks), and hip beauty brands like Glossier and Herbivore Botanicals are releasing crystal-infused products. This mainstreaming of witchcraft is providing community and healing for so many people who might not otherwise have been exposed to these practices, but one also has to ask: Is it problematic that hundreds-of-years-old religious practices deeply connected to gender, racial, and socioeconomic oppression are becoming "trendy"?

To find an answer, we asked four real practicing witches to lend their take: Gabriela Herstik, L.A.-based author of Inner Witch: A Modern Guide to the Ancient Craft; Chani Nicholas, an intersectional feminist L.A. astrologer with 20 years of experience; Tatianna Morales, an intuitive tarot therapist in New Orleans; and Katie Paige, an up-and-coming tarot reader and wellness blogger from Chicago. These witches got real with us about why witchiness is so popular right now, whether or not it's a problem, and more. Keep scrolling to read our conversation!