The #RefrigeratorShelfie Is Your New Favorite Instagram Trend

The #AvocadoToast fatigue is real. And you've seen more than your fair share of unicorn-colored smoothies overflowing from Mason jars. (Seriously, is the perfect 'gram really worth the mess?) So you might be as relieved as we were to learn about a more niche wellness trend that's only just beginning to bubble up on our feeds. Meet the #RefrigeratorShelfie.


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In the same vein as vanity pictures, this variation on the traditional #shelfie offers a fairly intimate look inside the daily eats of some of IG's top wellness influencers.

But they're also ample inspiration for top-notch meal prep, not to mention dreamy organization skills. (For tidy people, scrolling through these images is kind of meditative, no?) 

Inspired to give your own fridge an overhaul? Shop some photogenic organizing essentials below—and don't forget to 'gram the final result. 


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(PS: Champagne and other treats are highly encouraged.)

Don't just reserve your jars for sauces and homemade dressings—the tight seal also keeps chopped veggies and fresh herbs exceedingly fresh.

In addition to being a touch more aesthetically pleasing, glass containers tend to be easier to clean and less prone to stubborn smells than plastic. (If you do go for plastic, try to make it BPA-free to avoid harmful chemicals contaminating your food.)

Skip the endless parade of plastic baggies and opt for this eco-friendly (and downright genius) alternative instead—the silicone tightly hugs your half-used produce to keep it as fresh as possible.

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