Going to Couples Therapy Ended My Relationship



My ex-boyfriend and I probably should have been in therapy for years before we actually were. In hindsight, it would have saved us a lot of miscommunication and emotional turmoil. It certainly would have made our relationship healthier. It might have even made it end sooner, which could have been a good thing. I don’t believe every relationship has to last forever to be considered “successful,” and to simplify an incredibly complex event, my seven-year-long partnership was an incredible learning experience if nothing else. For that reason, I have no regrets, especially not our decision to go to therapy during those last few weeks. Looking back, I’ve actually come to the understanding that every couple could benefit from attending counseling at some point, even if things aren’t on the rocks. In fact, I intend to bring therapy into every relationship I have moving forward. I know that isn’t a widely shared thought in contemporary American culture, but allow me to explain…