The State of Reproductive Rights in 2019, According to a Planned Parenthood Rep

It's a polarizing time to be sure, an era when social progress seems to take two steps back for every leap forward. Few topics seem to embody this more than that of reproductive health: Even with all the key conversations we continue to have around sexual assault and #MeToo, intersectionality, and the mere discussion of formerly taboo subjects such as menstruation and contraception, there is much to be done. And because ignorance is the primary obstacle that stands in the way of universal access to reproductive health care, there's no better offense than education.

So says Emma Corbett, vice president of marketing, communications, and engagement at Planned Parenthood Mohawk Hudson. "Knowledge is power," she says. "Become a resource for your friends and family, so that when you encounter someone with questions about their health or sexuality, you are able to point them to a reliable and accurate resource like Planned Parenthood. You can also become a resource to combat misinformation when you hear it or when you see it online."

With this very strategy in mind, we asked Corbett for her state of the union on reproductive health in 2019. Below, she shares the key things to know about contraception, the fight for choice, and more.