I'm a Former Rockette and an Expert on Routines—Here's What I Do Every Morning

What’s the first thing you do when you get out of bed in the morning? A well-rounded morning routine sets the tone for the day and gets you prepped—both mentally and physically—before diving into a packed schedule filled with emails, chores, happy hours, workouts, and more. Our series Morning Person profiles those who have mastered the art of the morning routine. Tune in every Monday morning here and on our Instagram to learn exactly how the pros get it all done before the sun comes up, from their go-to breakfasts to their a.m. workouts.

A Former Rockette Shares Her Morning Routine


Christina Jensen

In what may seem like a former lifetime, Christina Jensen wasn't a boxing instructor. She had snagged a job many little girls attending ballet lessons and practicing their splits only dream of: She was performing live on stage as a Radio City Rockette.

But all the glitz and glamour suddenly came crashing down when she injured herself so badly she could no longer perform. She describes the pain—physically and mentally—that she was feeling during that time in an Instagram caption: "I was two months post knee surgery and really struggling. I was in so much pain and didn’t feel like I’d ever feel the same again. No motivation, drive, energy or desire could get me walking. I was so depressed."

Slowly but surely, she found a way to not only rehabilitate herself and literally get back on her feet, but also pivot her devastation over a loss in her dance career to a newfound passion as a fitness instructor at cult-favorite boxing studio Rumble. Despite their differences, both careers have taught her a thing or two about routines—most importantly that simply having one can be the secret sauce to a productive, healthy day. Read on for everything she does in the a.m.

6:30 a.m.

My days are very strategic, efficient, and socially demanding. Being organized always makes my day better! First thing, I always make my coffee. Since I have super-early mornings (sometimes a 4 a.m. wake-up call), a Keurig is the best option. I also take my supplements to make sure I don’t forget to take them later. 

Even though I get up, my boyfriend Julian and my pup Missy don’t necessarily have to, so I take advantage of the quiet time. I make sure Missy has fresh water and breakfast in her bowl, along with her herbal supplements. I always turn on the NY news while I get ready to see what train and traffic delays I may encounter as well as the weather. Most often it is dark when I wake up and leave the house, so I may need to bring multiple changes of clothes.

7:00 a.m.

I shower and get dressed. My morning ritual is precious to me. A cold shower wakes me up and feels so refreshing. Chances are I have to be able to communicate to a class of 60 clients, and though most people are sleepy and half-listening, I can’t be. Not to mention with my job, hair, makeup, trendy outfits go with the territory. Most people get to take off their makeup when they hit the gym, throw their hair up in a messy bun, and grab a pit-stained tee and rush out the door. My looks have to be camera-ready all the time since Rumble has celebrities, bloggers, press, investors, and more who come regularly. Along with with the pressure of always looking presentable for social channels and impromptu photo shoots, I never know if I may need to run to a casting or audition. Preparedness is critical and what sets my day off to a great start. 

8:00 a.m.

Next, I either take or teach a class. They're two totally different experiences but both vital parts of my job. I'm currently taking an 8 a.m. training class for a treadmill concept launching this fall. I've also been helping create and develop Rumble’s next trendy class, so keep an eye out.

9:00 a.m.

After class, I head back home to walk the pup and eat something. I rescued a pit bull and that means she needs exercise and attention. No matter how tired I may be, Missy’s happiness is a priority. She gets a walk and/or playtime at the park. 

11:00 a.m.

Now, I shower and get ready for work. It's a process—especially when you’re sweating for a living. I need to make sure I am gentle on my face to prevent any breakouts.

This routine considers everything that's planned but sometimes a photo shoot, job, appearance, emergency sub, event, and others can be thrown into the mix. We are opening our new Brooklyn location soon, so anything could pop up at a moment's notice. There is no telling what every day will bring, but it's all about how I handle it, staying cool and calm.