Add This Ingredient to Your Beauty Routine to Solve Inflammation Problems

6 Rose Water Benefits That Are Totally Amazing


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Wake up and smell the rose… rose water, that is. Roses, traditionally, have long acted as a symbol of love and the hallmark of Valentine's Day. However, did you know these beautiful petals have so much more to offer when simmered and transformed into rose water?

The use of the ingredient dates back centuries. In fact, it is rumored that Cleopatra bathed in pure rose water. "Floral waters like rose water are compounds known as hydrolats [also known as hydrosols]," explains VP of Product Development and Regulatory at Ursa Major Cara Bondi. "They are actually the byproduct of making rose essential oil. Rose petals are simmered, creating steam. The steam rises to the top and creates condensation, which is collected after the essential oil is separated out." She adds that sometimes preservatives are added to the hydrosol to extend their shelf life, while others have no added preservatives, so it's important to read labels carefully to make sure you're getting something that's pure.

And as for the benefits of rose water, there are many. Take a look at some below.

1. Creates a Healthy Barrier and Moisturizes

If your skin is feeling dry, mist on rose water for an instant refresh to provide an extra boost of hydration. Plantkos founder Sejal Patel shares that the soothing, hydrating, and barrier function–protecting effects of the Plantkos Phyto Replenishing Facial Essence have been proven in their clinical studies. Because of the soothing properties, rose water can be used multiple times a day.

2. It's an Anti-Inflammatory and Reduces Redness

"Rose water has a relatively balanced pH (5.5), which also helps to instantly soothe and calm irritations," explains Rooshy Roy, co-founder and CEO of Aavrani. Individuals who have ultra-sensitive skin or conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea can benefit from using rose water topically. This Healing Rose Clay Mask was created specifically for people with sensitive skin and has non-physical exfoliating ingredients to effectively draw out impurities, restore damaged skin, and improve elasticity.

3. It's an Antimicrobial and Balances Sebum Production

For those who are prone to acne, the properties in rose water also "help diminish the appearance of pores since it helps in decongesting them, while its toning properties also gently firm and tighten the skin," explains Roy. Misting rose water can help constrict pores and balance out the body's sebum production.

4. It Is Rich in Antioxidants

Rose water can fight the effects of oxidative stress caused by UV exposure, pollution, and aging. Because it can protect the skin cells against damage, it can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

5. It Aids in Digestion

6 Rose Water Benefits That Are Totally Amazing


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In addition to its topical benefits, rose water can be ingested to potentially soothe the digestive tract and an upset stomach. Roy shares how in South Asia, for centuries, people have always drunk rose water. "Its cooling properties calm the digestive tract and rebalance the system in the same way that rose water naturally balances the skin," she adds.

6. It's a Stress Reducer

Because of the strong antidepressant and anti-anxiety properties of rose water, it can act as a de-stressor and calm the nervous system. It also can help alleviate any headaches. Light up a candle such as CandaScent Labs's Amaré Candle with Rose and Mint to balance the nervous system and create a stress-free environment in the comfort of your home.