From Boosting Metabolism to Prenatal Health, These Supplements Do It All



Over the last few years, I've cycled through a number of supposed metabolism-boosting morning rituals: From drinking hot water with lemon to taking a shot of apple cider vinegar first thing in the a.m., I have tried everything the internet claims will improve your gut health and jump-start your day. The reality is that it's just too hard to convince me much of anything works. I kind of need a thoughtfully packaged, professionally sealed product to get me to, quite literally, buy into anything. I genuinely trust the science that adding beneficial bacteria and enzymes to your gut is the best way to regulate digestion and metabolism, which led me to the wellness brand Sakara.

The company known for its metabolism-boosting and whole-health supplement programs has just released a daily prenatal supplement pack I can't stop sending to all my pregnant friends. The six-pill cocktail is designed to support mom and baby during pregnancy, with the help of a multivitamin for all the necessary essentials; an algae-omega capsule for immunity and cognitive development; a calcium and magnesium pill for nerve and skeletal health; an essential choline pill for brain and nerve development; a super-greens capsule for more vitamins, fiber, and iron; and, of course, a probiotic to help momma absorb all the nutrients she needs during this important time in her life.

What's amazing about Sakara supplements is they're all plant-based, clean, medical-grade, and bioavailable—meaning they're made in a way that's easiest for your body to absorb them—so you know you're getting your money's worth with every pack. So whether you're pregnant or just looking for ways to improve your health, Sakara has no shortage of vitamins, supplement powders, snacks, and teas (even meals, too) to help get you there. Keep scrolling to see my favorites below.


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