This New Self-Cleaning Water Bottle Is Chic and Functional



Technology is taking over the wellness world and changing it for the better (we think so, at least). From totally nutritious online meal delivery services to infrared saunas for stress relief and DNA testing for aging prediction, there are a ton of new ways we can examine, monitor, and boost our general well-being. Now, one startup company is taking this vast and varied world of wellness technology and boiling it down to something simple: a water bottle.

Think about it: Your water bottle is likely one of the products you use most throughout the day. It sits at your desk, in your car's cupholder, and inside your gym bag. You drink from it all day, every day. But what about those times when you forget to wash it, your water tastes or smells weird (ew), or you're just not exactly confident that the water you're drinking is actually clean? We're guessing you probably buy a plastic water bottle (or two) to take its place.

That has its own set of problems. Plastic water bottles aren't ecologically or financially sound. Plus, many of them contain potentially harmful BPAs. Plus, after you finish it, you have to go right back to the unwashed water bottle you had in the first place. (Clearly, this is a situation that this writer is strangely passionate about.) It's simply not ideal, which is why the Quartz Water Bottle was created. I must say it's pretty dang cool. Keep scrolling to learn more about this self-cleaning, totally convenient water bottle.



The company, Clearly Quartz, has created a water bottle that can be purified anytime, anywhere. It's also completely self-cleaning thanks to a special LED light placed at the top of the bottle. (This is the same UV light that hospitals use to quickly sterilize operating rooms.) The light activates when you press a button on the top of the bottle. According to the brand, in 60 seconds, 99.9999% of bio-contaminants from your water and the surface of your bottle are eliminated. This means any unhealthy or odor-causing bacteria is quickly and completely removed. Cool, right? The best part is that it doesn't require any finicky replacement filters. All you have to do is charge it (and one charge lasts two to three months).

"We saw a need in this space to combine aspirational design with innovative technology," the brand's co-founder, Justin Wang, told us. "I would go to Sunday brunch with friends and notice them order Fuji water even though they were carrying reusable water bottles. I also realized I kept collecting new water bottles but would stop using them after a few months—a moldy smell would develop after a few weeks of being neglected in the gym bag. People want to be healthier and live more sustainably, but existing products don't always make that easy. It is often a choice between style and function or a tradeoff between ease of access versus adhering to our convictions to the environment. With my background in fashion and beauty, I knew our product had to make people look good and feel good in order to do good."

It's also double insulated. Beverages will stay cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. But aside from all of that genius technology, it's also just really pretty. The Quartz bottle comes in five colors—blue, mint, pink, black, and white.

If you're dying to get your hands on one, you'll have to wait until March 2018, when the first orders ship. There's currently a Kickstarter campaign happening, so in order to reserve yourself a bottle, head over there to make a small donation. At the time of publishing, the brand has already raised $213,815 (the goal was $30,000), so it's safe to say the bottles are trending.

What do you think about this techy water bottle? Tell us in the comments. Next, read up on eight popular diet tips that nutritionists think you should ignore.

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