11 Easy Ways to Practice Self-Love, According to Real Women

When we brainstorm our monthly editorial themes for The/Thirty, the goal is always to land on intentions that are both attainable and entirely malleable. It's our core belief that wellness is highly personal and ever-changing, which is why we like to empower our readers with ideas that can be shaped to their own circumstances and needs. And this notion rings especially true for our February objective: to practice self-love.

Self-love is complicated. It's not always self-like. In my personal opinion, it's definitely not looking in the mirror and declaring that I'm happy with every single part of me—that's simply not realistic. But it is knowing that I am, by definition, a complex being whose needs evolve on a daily basis, and that's a beautiful thing (even on those days when it feels messy and ugly). Coming to that conclusion—that I didn't have to like myself all the time to love myself—completely pushed me onto a path to self-acceptance. And now that I know that's my bottom line, I can better choose self-care and wellness rituals that contribute to that mindset (and forgive myself when I'm having an "off" day, which is always a plus).

But that's just me. It's important to recognize that your journey might be entirely different. So with that in mind, we put the call out to our readers on social media about what self-love looks like to them, their own definition of the word, as well as the activities they swear by to show themselves some extra love. Read some of their enlightening answers below.