7 Wellness Products That Promise Better Sex Tonight

If sexual wellness seems like a novel concept, it's probably because in the realm of public discourse, it kind of is. Just a few years ago, we barely talked about the phantom ingredients found in most tampons. And while we've since graduated to artful vibrators, sustainable lube, and libido-enhancing supplements, the market has only blossomed because the conversation has too.

Even if it's secondary to performance, it's worth mentioning that the branding of some of these products is stylish on an unprecedented level. These are brands that want to be seen—not discreetly thrown into a drawer in your nightstand. And while we might attribute that to our aesthetics-obsessed culture, might it also represent a larger shift as sexual wellness finally sheds its old taboos?

Either way, whether you're aiming to get yourself in the mood or rethink your old essentials, these seven products get the job done—and look so pretty while doing it. Keep scrolling to shop eight of our favorite products for sexual wellness.