6 Sinus Headache Remedies Better Than a Dose of Sudafed



The all-too-familiar pressure in your nasal cavity area, the intense pain in your face when you bend forward, and even the aches in your upper teeth are all the byproducts of a bad sinus infection. According to Mia Finkelston, MD, a board-certified family physician who treats patients virtually via telehealth app, LiveHealth Online, a sinus headache is "an inflammation of the mucous membranes that line the sinuses. This inflammation could be caused by an infection, viral or bacterial, or allergens." She also notes that it's worst in the morning since fluid buildup occurs overnight. And as annoying as a runny or stuffy nose is, it's the localized pain that is making you feel like your skull has been pumped with helium that draws the last straw. When the symptoms are especially unbearable, a heavy dosage of the strongest decongestant might be your go-to remedy—but let's put the pills down for a second, shall we? According to physicians, there are more holistic ways to deflate the building pressure in your head and get back to your regularly scheduled programming.