Hard Truth: You May Want to Think Twice About Napping in Your Contacts

There are few sensations more oh-god-please-no than waking up after falling asleep in your contact lenses and peeling them off your sore, stinging eyeballs, almost certain that you've actually just removed the top layer of your eyes in the process. Aside from the pain and new shade of bloodshot-pink the whites of your eyes have taken on, there's underlying damage that's happening. It's not parallel to sleeping in your makeup (though that has its pitfalls, too)—this is your vision we're talking about. So even if you're an occasional contact-clad power-napper, there's an entirely different way you should be looking at your eye health (which—spoiler alert—shouldn't always be done through contact lenses).

Below, we asked three different ophthalmologists for their thoughts on the topic, from how often you should wear lenses to all the scary details of what happens when you snooze in them.