These High-Tech Bras Can Help Detect Health Issues



Support, comfort, cleavage—they’re the standard benefits you might associate with bras, but thanks to technology pioneers, you might be able to add some major health perks (no pun intended) to that list. From detecting cancer to monitoring your heart rate and managing stress—read on to learn how wearable technology bras are making big waves.

Early breast cancer detection might look significantly different in the near future. According to Fusion, a group of scientists in Colombia is developing a bra that can detect breast cancer. And we thought that lacy contraption that never leaves the underwear drawer was fancy…

The bra as “tiny infra-red sensors that record breast temperatures and deliver a quick warning signal if any irregularities are detected. When you have cells in your mammary glands that are anomalous, the body needs to send more blood to that specific part of the body, and the temperature of this organ increases,” said Maria Camila Cortes, an electrical engineering student at Colombia’s National University told Fusion.

Meanwhile at MIT, a startup called Bloomer Tech is creating a smart bra aimed at monitoring and understanding women’s cardiovascular health, BostInno reports. The bra has “washable circuits with sensors to be sewn into the lining of a bra” which “will monitor electrocardiogram signals from the heart (in addition to other biometrics) and send real-time data to a woman’s smartphone, as well as to her doctor.” Side effects might include feeling like the most-tech savvy, health-conscious babe on the block.

And if you’re interested in helping a smart bra concept get off the ground, check out the Kickstarter for the Vitali Smart Bra. This sports bra features a powerful processer that collects data from all sensors to understand your pattern to give you bio-feedback with gentle taps. Alerts will guide you to breath deeper, stand up straighter, and encourage you to hit your own personal fitness goals.

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