I'm Useless at Drinking Water, So I Employed a "Smart Bottle" to Help



There's a running joke among beauty editors that we can't count on anything in this world except this: When we ask an influencer or celebrity for their top wellness tip, they will always advise to "drink more water". It's an annoyingly generic answer when you're looking to craft a compelling profile on said notable person, but it also speaks to the fact that staying hydrated really is the simplest thing you can do to feel your best.

I am not as terrible at drinking water as I used to be, but I wouldn't exactly give myself an A-plus for my hydration habits either. Too often, I'll start the day strong before succumbing to my coffee habit, only to go to bed feeling parched and bloated. Consistency is not my strong point. So when I first learned about Equa, a "smart" water bottle that uses Bluetooth technology to help you meet your daily hydration goals, I immediately reached out to the company to give it a try—even though it's not technically available for purchase yet. (The product's incredibly popular Kickstarter ends next week, and the initial round of retail is slated for September.)