A Day in the Life: How SoulCycle's Badass CEO Does It All

If you've ever taken a SoulCycle class, you know that a breakneck pace, boundless energy, and all-permeating enthusiasm are just part of the deal—it's this trifecta that has made the company a household name, after all. It should thus come as no surprise that CEO Melanie Whelan fully embodies this MO: Though her day is packed with meetings and the endless responsibilities that come with running one of the top players in the wellness industry, Whelan still prioritizes company culture and makes a point to maintain personal relationships with every team member.

When she has a few minutes, she'll walk around SoulCycle's NYC headquarters to chat with employees and typically drops in for classes at local studios at least four times a week. (Even those who work in SoulCycle locations across the country receive handwritten notes from Whelan on the regular.) Though it's hard to imagine there are even enough hours in the day, Whelan makes it all happen—all while balancing her life as a busy mom of two. (And she has a killer beauty routine to boot.) So what does a typical day as SoulCycle's CEO look like?

Whelan gives us her play-by-play below, from her 6 a.m. wake-up call to the books she dozes off with at night.