What Happened When a Dedicated Flywheeler Tried SoulCycle's New Class

During many of my chaotic nonstop days, I’ve found the utmost peace in cycling. I took my first cycling class in March 2017 when I finally decided to make my health a priority, and I haven’t stopped putting the pedal to the medal ever since. I’d never challenged my body in such an invigorating, exciting way until I found Flywheel. Even on days when I feel drained and would rather go home, order Thai food, and hide underneath my covers, I go cycling.

And I never regret it—I leave feeling more energized than I did when I came in. The high from exercise endorphins are real, and they get me every time. The physical and mental push I experience every single second I ride those wheels motivates me to continue living my life the same way: with no limits. You can probably assume by now that I’m an avid cycler, so when I heard about SoulCycle’s new class, SoulActivate, I was game to give it a try.