We're Calling It: These Are Our Spring Must-Haves

30 Spring Wellness Products on Our Radar


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A favorite pastime of editors at THE/THIRTY? Scouring the world for the coolest products and wellness trends—whether they're brand-new or classic hidden gems—and keeping you in the loop. In that spirit, welcome to My Top Thirty, a series in which our editors, staffers, and even some readers share what's on their radars at the moment. From cult-favorite supplements to the latest workout to the newest food craze and more, we're going to provide you with inspiration each month. Want to share what's on your must-have list? Send us a DM on Instagram @thethirty.

There's something so cheerful and refreshing about the spring season. The days are longer (in a good way) and sunnier. The weather is warmer. More people are venturing (safely!) outdoors and getting much-needed fresh air. You can't help but feel good.

And I don't know about you, but a new season always has been doing a big clean around my home, swapping in some new stuff, and even treating myself to a couple of products that have been on my wish list for a while or in the name of self-care. All of it got me wondering what my colleagues have in their spring shopping carts. Here's what they said below.

"I was very kindly gifted this lovely little fiddle leaf fig plant a while back, and it's just the gift that keeps on giving. Every time I look at it, it just makes me happy, and I'm planning to add a few more options from The Sill to my plant family this summer. "—Erin Jahns, senior beauty editor, Who What Wear

"I'm a total sneaker gal, and I'm constantly rotating my collection based on the season. Now that it's spring, I need a fresh pair to go with all my dresses (a dress + sneakers is my go-to warm-weather outfit formula). I'm eyeing these iconic sneakers that have been around since 1968. Not only do I love the off-white color, but the suede also really makes the sneaker feel more modern."—Caitie Schlisserman, managing editor, Who What Wear

"The ritual of making a cup of coffee in the mornings is one of my greatest pleasures. However, when I want to extend this simple indulgence into the afternoons, usually to break up my workday, I'll opt for chai. This masala chai blend is one of the best I've ever tried‐smooth, well-balanced, and spicy. I also love adding nut milk and some sugar, but everyone has a different preference. With this ritual, my afternoon chai break has quickly become one of my favorite parts of the day."—Candice Aman, social media editor, Who What Wear

"I'm a little late to the game, but I finally own a weighted blanket of my own. I suppose it worked for me because it instantly relaxed me and I fell asleep within a few minutes of crawling under it. Bonus: Bearaby's blankets are definitely beautiful enough to leave out all the time."—Allyson Payer, senior editor, Who What Wear

"Normally I actively try and avoid protein powders of any kind—I've never been fond of the chalky texture and the taste of whey makes me feel ill. But when I heard that HUM was venturing into powder territory it must be for good reason. I'm already a big fan of their supplements (one look into my kitchen cabinets confirms this), so I was curious to see if theirs could change my mind about protein powders as a whole and I'm pleased to say that it has. Right off the bat, I was impressed with the clean, plant-based formula that's derived mainly from pea protein and the fact that it ranks low on the FODMAP scale. I've found that mixing it in a glass of water is the easiest way to go and considering the vanilla flavor and smooth texture, it makes for the perfect midday snack or post-workout refuel."—Anna LaPlaca, associate editor, Who What Wear

"Allocating a good portion of my nights to a chill wind-down routine has been an important part of taking care of my mental health. So after I take a warm shower, I like to curl up on the couch in a cute pajama set with a good book, a cup of herbal tea, and this hot therapy pillow draped around my neck. It doesn't hurt that my boyfriend also likes it for 'icing' his skate injuries."—Aralyn Beaumont, copy editor, Who What Wear

"I know, these French candles are on every fashion editor's home-décor list, but I have a special affinity for this lily scent which isn't as popular as the rest of the collection. The description reads like this: 'The lilies have waited till dawn to open their corollas. The green fragrance of the sap and leaves, and the delicate spicy accents of the heady flowers fill the air.' Actual poetry. The scent never fails to make me feel calm and content."—Nayiri Mampourian, senior fashion editor, branded content, Who What Wear

"Don't hate me, I promise, I know this is basically one step up from telling someone last summer that you've started baking sourdough, but one thing I actually dedicated myself to last year was picking up French again. (Honestly, all I do is daydream about being able to get on a plane to Europe, I'm just trying to manifest it here.) Paul Noble has these incredible audiobooks which are perfect if your goal is to learn how to actually get through a conversation. I replaced some of the podcasts I usually listen to when walking my dog with these, and I find them so relaxing—it's been really good for me to go to a different place in my brain, and I've become more comfortable listening and speaking after a few weeks than I ever was after years learning half-heartedly at school.

"Now that I've finished his Next Steps in French intermediate course and worked my way through various textbooks and reality TV shows in French (Sidenote: Have you guys watched The Circle?), I've now gone down this rabbit hole reading about how learning a second romance language is so helpful to improve your first. So now I'm starting from scratch with Italian and looking at Airbnbs in Sardinia."—Natalie Cantell, senior director, branded content, Who What Wear

"My bath in my new apartment is kind of fantastic, so I've officially become a bath person. Every Sunday night, I dim the lights (a feature I've decided I'll never be able to live without), light a candle, grab my book, and de-stress. I like to finish the ritual by applying a really relaxing body oil before putting on my pajamas. I wouldn't feel complete without it!"—Anneliese Dominguez, fashion editor, Who What Wear

"I used to wake up startled by the alarm on my phone blaring and this alarm clock has made waking up so much easier! You can program a simulated sunrise to ease you into the morning, so by the time your alarm goes off, you've already started waking up a little. It's made such a difference and has helped me feel way less groggy in the mornings!" —Janelle Dinsmore, Analyst I, Who What Wear

"This book is from a medium who shares how to recognize messages from loved ones who have passed. I'm gifting it to a friend who is always noticing the small connections between things that happen in her life. She lost her mom several years ago, and I hope this book may bring her some comfort and insight, or at least an interesting new perspective. I'm curious to read it myself one day, too."—Kat Collings, Editor in Chief, Who What Wear

"After so much solo time, I'm in the mood to (safely) celebrate the little moments in life. This sangria is a current fave because it's refreshing but also makes a casual dinner with a close friend feel fun and special. Highly recommend for birthdays or any other special occasion."—Michaela Bushkin, senior fashion editor, branded content, Who What Wear

"I recently splurged on a Hypervolt Go by Hyperice, and it was totally worth it. You don't have to be a professional athlete to reap the benefits (clearly, hi). During the day, I'm mostly sitting at my desk hovered over my keyboard with admittedly horrible posture, and when I'm not working, I'm carrying around my 7-month-old, so my muscles are really tight and in need of some TLC by dinnertime. This device gets all the hard-to-reach muscles and digs deeper than your average foam roller to relieve tension. I like that the Go is small and lightweight so I can maneuver it easily and even take it on the go (as the name suggests)."—Alyson Stehly, Copy Chief, Who What Wear

These CBD gummies from Lord Jones are one of my favorite ways to wind down a the end of a long day. The peach flavor is so tasty, and I love that they're naturally flavored.

"I often have trouble sleeping, and my therapist said it would help to create a proper nighttime routine with a little pampering. I started with upgrading my pajamas from old raggedy T-shirts, and I'm genuinely excited to get ready for bed. This line from Target creates the softest pieces I’ve ever felt. I know it may seem frivolous, but creating a proper environment for you to sleep in is more important than you think."—Yusra Siddiqui, assistant market editor, Who What Wear

"I think it's just a fashion rule by now to own at least one pair of white sneakers that can go with everything in your closet. I like how these are super sleek but have a fun little platform element to spice things up a bit."—Dominguez

"This is my favorite wellness find of 2021, thus far. For years, I've heard everyone I know wax poetic about the benefits of daily journaling, but as someone who writes all day every day for their job, the thought of tacking on even one more minute of writing time each day was enough to make my eyes start to cross. Until I met this gem! True to its name, it only takes you five or less minutes to answer the daily prompts. It's such a grounding and constructive way to start and end my day. I've found that it's really helped me be more grateful for the many blessings in my life in addition to helping me keep daily tabs on intentions, goals, and fears. Mentally, I've felt much healthier since I incorporated this into my daily routine."—Jahns

"I've done Sakara's Detox II cleanse several times now and as part of the program, they send you a number of supplements to take throughout the week. While I wish I could say that I've incorporated everything into my daily routine, there's really only one product I keep buying over and over again (yes, it's that good): the Beauty Water Drops. It's chock full of ionic minerals that help boost collagen production and keep you hydrated, glowy, and non-bloated. I love putting a few drops in my water in the morning. It doesn't have a terribly strong flavor but adds a little something extra that makes plain H2O taste amazing."—LaPlaca

"There is something so satisfying about drinking a nice, big jar of a smoothie when the temps get warmer. Can you tell I love my beverages around here? Lately, I’ve been using this Vitality daily greens powder in my concoctions for an extra boost of nutrients. Made with bio-fermented plant-based protein and some serious skin-loving ingredients, this newest addition to my daily smoothies has been nothing but *chef’s kiss.*"—Aman

After cooking at home practically all year, I'm looking to change up my routine and add some new recipes to my repertoire. Ina Garten's most recent cookbook is on my wish list, because I dream of going over to her house to dine with her and Jeffrey. So I guess this might be the next best thing.

"I'll buy every single product Beekeeper's Naturals makes (their B.Immune Throat Spray is actually miraculous), but I've been especially obsessed with B. Smart Brain Fuel—handy little vials of royal jelly, bacopa monnieri, and ginkgo biloba that cut through brain fog with a potent dose of adaptogens instead of caffeine. I down just half of one vial, like a shot, and in addition to tasting great, I notice an immediate shift in my energy and motivation. I highly recommend if you noticed mid-morning or mid-afternoon productivity slumps but are trying to resist that second or third cup of coffee."—Jahns

"I've gotten very into aromatherapy recently, from diffusers to roll-on scented CBD oils, and more. My latest obsession are these scented shower steamers which are really a game-changer for anyone that loves a good bath."—Bushkin

"I haven't pulled the plug on these yet but they're definitely on my wish list and will be purchasing soon. I've been going on walks a lot, and would love to add these on to make them a little more challenging!"—Siddiqui

"I'm so used to being at home and having access to my glasses and water filter, I haven't needed a water bottle. With things starting to open up again, I'm in need of a new one to keep me hydrated when I'm out and about. This claims to keep water cold for 24 hours and uses UV-C LED light to eliminate up to 99.99% of bio-contaminants in the water and bottle. I'm sold!"—Schlisserman

"This is another find I recently included in a Most Wanted story I curated over on Who What Wear. Norma Kamali is age-defying and such a treat, and this book is as wise and witty as she is IRL. Apparently, this began as 50 wellness tips Norma compiled for her friend's 50th birthday, all centered around approaching each decade with courage and purpose, and authenticity. I dare you to flick through it and not be inspired." —Mampourian

I'm looking forward to reconnecting with friends again in a safe way. I have this game on hand for any reunion gatherings. The deck of cards has prompts and questions like, "Imagine yourself in the future. What will your greatest life accomplishment be?" and "How do you find fulfillment?" Yes, some heavy questions, but it's a great way to check-in and catch up with your friends.

"Wellness comes in all forms, and improving my sleep hygiene is, without a doubt, one of the most important aspects of my overall well-being. I can't recommend Miss Grass enough if you are looking to truly relax and wind down before bed. Their CBD and adaptogenic herb (or regular THC) pre-roll mini joints are the perfect size to drift you into a peaceful slumber."—Aman

"A year into doing at-home workouts and I'm looking to up my game with these incredibly chic three-pound hand weights. I pretty much love everything Bala does and I've been using their ankle weights for a while now, so these seem like the next logical step."—LaPlaca

"These days, my life pretty much consists of taking my dog on super-long walks—for her sanity and my own. Some days, I'm in a full workout fit; on others, I might wear a cute top with my favorite pair of denim shorts; sometimes, a flowy dress gets thrown into the mix. Clearly, I need a go-to pair of sneakers that can rock with whatever I happen to have on. This crisp white pair is just what I'm looking for this season, and the snake accent is the perfect added touch that'll spruce up the simplest of looks"—Beaumont

"Speaking of those super-long walks… I know I look like a hot mess when I'm juggling my phone, keys, face mask, and dog leash, especially when it's time to pick up after my pup. This belt bag will keep me hands-free for those moments when I need to reel my girl in. Plus, it has extra room for a folded-up shopping bag in case I want to run an errand or two. And you know I picked out a cute quilted option for myself." —Beaumont

"I struggle with my daily water intake, so anything that makes the act of sipping 64 or more ounces a day a little more fun is highly enticing for me. You might know In Fiore as one of the chicest botanical beauty brands in the biz, but I'm totally here for its first foray into wellness: tinctures! There are three different formulas: Lâche-Lymph, which supports healthy circulation and lymph function (this one is my fave!); Adapt' scend, which features protective adaptogens to help offset the negative effects of stress; and Immun' Attune, which is relatively self-explanatory but essentially gifts your immune system with a potent dose of immune boosters! Yes, they're expensive, but they're also impeccably high-quality and formulated by doctors using ethically sourced botanicals, vegan, and non-GMO ingredients."—Jahns

"I have a pretty sensitive stomach, so I almost always need something to settle it down after I eat a large meal. Sparkling water can be an acquired taste for many, but this prebiotic soda feels and tastes so good. I'm always on the lookout for prebiotics and probiotics!"—Siddiqui

"I've noticed I'm more anxious these days, and I have a slight suspicion it has to do with the world opening up again and having to get back to 'normal' life. I'm already a big fan of Hum's Glow Sweet Glow gummies, so I want to give these a go. They're formulated with 125mg of a patented ashwagandha extract and a dose of L-theanine, an amino acid found in green tea, to help reduce cortisol levels and manage the effects of stress on the mind and body.”—Schlisserman

"Whether I'm in my weekly bath or daily shower, I swear by this brush. You can use it to scrub, buff, exfoliate, and (my personal favorite) massage your body. With different levels of vibration, it's like a mini spa treatment with every use."—Dominguez

"Okay, I'll admit that I was heavily influenced to order these capsules after I saw a handful of people I follow on Instagram swear by their magical de-bloating powers. I was skeptical, but all I can say is Wow. I eat a pretty clean diet with lots of vegetables, but sometimes all that fiber can leave my insides feeling stretched and not so fab. That said, if I swallow a few of these capsules from Arrae post-meal, it's like it never even happened! Not that there's anything wrong with bloat or that post-meal food baby (let's normalize this, please!), but it doesn't always feel good. Arrae's strategic mix of herbs and fruit-based digestive enzymes works fast and offers so much relief. I'm hooked!"—Jahns

"I'm obsessed with these Glow Bites. They're a delicious chocolate snack that also happen to be great for your skin. Is there anything better? With a clean formula of dark chocolate, detoxifying spirulina, and skin enhancing collagen, they're the perfect mid-afternoon pick-me-up but without any of the guilt. According to the brand, two bites a day will lead to more glowing skin after three months. So yeah, I am about to snack my way to better skin." —LaPlaca

I'm ready for some more plant children in my apartment. Since I have a lot of succulents and a snake plant already, I'm ready to test out my green thumb with a new plant, like a monstera.

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