8 Portable Beauty Products That Can Ease Anxiety No Matter Where You Are



You're not alone—anxiety and the workplace go hand in hand. Dealing with constant deadlines, unexpected demands, and daily responsibilities can create a cloud of strong feelings. The first time I ever felt anxiety in my life was at my first "big-girl job" out of college. You'd think I would've experienced an inkling of the feeling during my undergraduate experience, which was full of daunting tests and challenging professors, but I hadn't felt anything yet.

I was unpleasantly greeted by the rush of the feeling the moment I had to google "breathing exercises" at my desk to calm down the tight feeling in my chest and relax my nerves. I'll never forget that unsettling day. If only I would've had something to quickly reach for at my desk to relieve me. That's why I'm now committed to this good deed of creating a curated list of stress-relieving beauty products you can keep at the office and take with you anywhere.

Soothing beauty products are blended with ingredients that have the power to calm your mind, body, and spirit. Ease your worry and maintain good vibes with these desk-worthy products that'll give you the quick zen you need. Read on for eight stress-relieving beauty products to keep close. 

Poppy and Someday Marfa Moon Mist

You've just met heaven in a bottle. This alluring mist is encapsulated with frankincense and petitgrain, which have incredibly calming effects. It's also full of tourmaline crystals and other essential oils to uplift your atmosphere. Spritz it on yourself or in your area for a quick reset. 

Aquarian Soul Amethyst Headache Oil

Aren't you already intrigued by the name of this stuff—headache magic? With anxiety comes throbbing headaches. But this little guy is blended with quartz and amethyst, two crystals with the most powerful healing benefits to calm your mind. Roll it on your wrists for a whiff of delight and on your temples to alleviate your headache. 

Sun Potion Mucuna Pruriens Powder

We know, a "dopamine bean" sounds a little suspect, but hear us out—this powder is created with mucuna pruriens, which is said to boost your mood, zero in on your brain's ability to focus, and relax your overall nervous system. Basically, it's happiness in a bottle when you're having one of those days. Add a dollop of this yellow powder to things like tea or a smoothie. Read all about our senior editor Hallie's love story with this.

Fig + Yarrow Apothecary Moon Mist

When you're feeling overwhelmed, keep this crystal water in your bird's eye view. The perfect addition to your office desk or your nightstand to give you that much-needed "woosah" moment. Spritz it on yourself or in the air, and let its crystal-filled essential oil blend work its magic. 

Tata Harper Aromatic Stress Treatment

This is a popular treatment made to nip the number one cause of anxiety in the bud: stress. It's infused with essential oils and other soothing, all-natural nutrients to be the calm your energy needs when you're feeling worked up. Massage this onto the palm of your hands, wrists, and pulse points.

Aveda Stress-Fix Body Lotion

The simple act of lathering lotion on your body is relaxing in itself, but imagine what a body lotion clinically proven to relieve stress feels like. This was dreamed up with the most relaxing ingredients, like lavender and clary sage, to grant your body the relaxing fix it deserves. Its travel-size version is perfect for your desk lineup. 

Vitrivu White Stone Diffuser

Yes, you can keep a diffuser on your desk when it looks as chic as this. Control your energy and your atmosphere with the refreshing scent of essential oils in the air. 

How do you deal with anxiety in the workplace? Sound off in the comments below.