3 "Light" Summer Foods That Will Boost Your Energy All Season Long

Nicole Loher is a triathlete, Adidas ambassador, and all-around fitness guru, all while balancing a badass day job in the fashion industry (and several side gigs to boot). Needless to say, she's an inspiration in the art of hustling—and she's totally game to share her knowledge. Follow her column Part-Time Athlete for her expert advice on everything from establishing a training regimen to finding early-morning gym motivation.




Hey, you. Remember two months ago when we were all complaining about how cold it was and wishing for warmer weather? Well, we made it!

Unfortunately, if you’re anything like me, the oppressive heat can have the side effect of suppressing hunger—and, well, the motivation to do anything at all. That’s pretty common. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, as your body tries to keep cool, lower food consumption is a mode of being adaptive to the environment (e.g. hot summer days). In this same vein, we tend to crave “lighter” or “refreshing” foods, as eating has a known impact on one’s body temperature.

For this piece, I went back to my roots—literally. Because I grew up on a farm with my siblings, as did both my parents before us, I asked my family if they’d chime in with their favorite simple, energy-boosting summer ingredients and their favorite ways to enjoy them. Keep reading for our healthy picks.