The Genius Way Successful Women Deal With Sunday Scaries

When we explored the psychology of Sunday Scaries in our series #SaveOurSundays last month, I found the science behind the late-weekend blues to be totally intriguing: Knowing that so much of it comes down to a chemical, fight-or-flight response in our brains offered so much insight into that palpable anxiety I tend to face leading up to almost every Monday.

At the same time, understanding that it's a nearly universal phenomenon, I began to ponder how the badass women in my life—several of whom are leading the charge at the very media company for which I work—manage to make the most of their own weekend and hit the ground running come Monday. So I sent out an email with this very question to three of those colleagues: Hillary Kerr, the co-founder of Clique BrandsKat Collings, the editor in chief of Who What Wear; and Sacha Strebe, the editorial director of MyDomaine.

I expected their answers to be immensely helpful, but I didn't necessarily predict that they'd all share a single through line, a clear-cut piece of universal advice. After consulting Heather Silvestri, a New York City–based psychologist, I learned that there's science to back up their approach, to boot.

Keep reading to learn exactly how three successful women combat their Sunday Scaries.