13 Nutritionist-Recommended Superfoods That'll Boost Your Metabolism

Although it's quite easy to indulge in all kinds of food, we all know that all grub is not created equal. For instance, superfoods aren't dubbed "super" for no reason. They have the power to amp up our metabolism like no other. They pack maximum nutrients and minimal calories, making them the ultimate metabolism-boosting foods. Studies show that superfoods rich in antioxidants and flavonoids can prevent heart disease, cancer, decrease inflammation, and improve your body's immunity levels. Wondering how to differentiate superfoods from the pack? That's next.

We tapped certified raw-food chef and plant-based nutritionist Summer Sanders, who is the author of Raw + Radiant, to break them down. "Superfoods are powerful nutrient-dense foods that with just one serving pack a major punch," explains Sanders. "They typically have a high content of supportive antioxidants, protein, omegas, minerals, fiber, or other essential nutrients that are nurturing to your body. One serving size of a 'superfood' will give you more nutrients than you would ever get from one serving of other foods. This is their superpower: major nutrients in a small package. Different superfood foods have different superpowers; some are incredible for anti-aging while others heal the gut or support metabolism."

Integrative nutrition health coach Holly Harding, AADP, founder of superfood skincare line O’o Hawaii, is also an advocate of filling your body up with these nutrients, which will in turn keep your calorie intake in check. "Because they are nutrient-rich, they fill you up faster and actually reduce your overall caloric intake," explains Harding. "Many superfoods help increase blood circulation, energy, cell renewal, and repair as well as hormonal imbalance. When these basic functions are improved, metabolism can increase."

We also tapped certified holistic health coach and Raw Generation co-founder Jessica Rosen, along with nutritionist, certified registered dietitian, and 2B Mindset creator Ilana Muhlstein, to share the best superfoods to boost metabolism. Add these to your grocery list ASAP.