What Today's Supermoon Means for Your Horoscope

Mercury isn't in retrograde—we're in the clear until March 22, as a matter of fact—but if you've felt a palpable shift in your energy, mood, or general tolerance for B.S. this week, you can blame another highly significant astrological event. Early this morning, for the first time in 152 years, we experienced a blue moon, a supermoon, and a lunar eclipse all in one go.

It was a triple whammy worth viewing, at the very least: The supermoon meant that the moon was especially close in its orbit around the earth, and the full eclipse colored the moon in red (which is why it's commonly called a "blood moon"). But if you subscribe to astrology, the phenomenon carries more than just curb appeal.

"When the sun, moon, and earth all align like this, and in close proximity to the earth (called a supermoon), this is like an electrical impulse jolting our nervous system," says L.A.-based astrologist Rose Theodora. That said, it also presents an opportunity to embrace that energy and aim it toward positive aspects in our lives. Theodora details how below.