7 Top Nutritionists Share Which Supplements They Actually Take in a Day—and Why

There's nothing we love more than taking an intriguing peek into the wellness-focused lives of the best nutritionists in the industry. We love asking them what they eat, what they don't eat, what they think about certain wellness and diet crazes, and even for their super-stealthy healthy recipes. However, one topic we've been especially curious about recently is supplements. With so many to choose from, and considering how highly individual and important a customized supplement routine can (and should) be, we wanted to know which supplements top nutritionists actually take on a day-to-day basis—the formulas they feel actually make a positive impact on their health.

Of course, with a topic like supplements comes an inevitable gray area. As we said, supplements (and whether or not you should or shouldn't take certain formulas) are highly individual, and as each and every nutritionist we spoke to pointed out, consulting a trusted doctor who is familiar with your current and past health history is crucial. High-quality sourcing is also important and is a thorough process our nutritionists feel just as passionately about as the actual supplements themselves.

"As supplements (yes, even vitamins!) are not regulated by the FDA, you have to be an educated consumer and do your research on the company making and selling your supplements," explains Ali Heller, MA, MS. "Look for third-party-certified and GMP (good manufacturing practices) brands. It's even better if the company's website features transparent ingredient and sourcing information. Plus, as far as starting a supplement regimen, I can't stress enough that you should consult with your dietitian or physician first on what supplement(s) might be appropriate for you. Taking too much of or combining certain supplements could potentially be dangerous, and so it is safest to discuss first with a medical professional."

Additionally, the nutritionists we spoke to advocated that, if possible, it's best to try to get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals through your diet and to only rely on supplements if you have to. All that is to say we chatted with a total of seven different nutritionists to pinpoint which supplements they personally take each day (again, this doesn't necessarily mean they're the right option for you—check with your doctor!) and feel have made a positive impact on their well-being. Curious? Keep scrolling for 23 supplements seven top nutritionists actually take in a day (and why they love them).