This Buzzy New Athleisure Line Looks Way More Expensive Than It Actually Is

At this point, it's not a lot to ask that our workout gear takes us from a crazy-tough boxing class to a well-deserved brunch. In a culture that's as visual as it is wellness-obsessed, the intersection of style and function is practically a given at this point—we expect our athleisure pieces to feel great while we sweat and look even better on Instagram.

An affordable price tag, on the other hand, is not always a given. That's why we're stoked about the latest news from Target, which clearly has no intention of slowing its years-long role in the beauty and wellness space. The superstore just announced that it will be rolling out four new apparel lines this fall, including JoyLab, a new range of athletic wear specifically designed with a cool-girl, street style vibe. If you're already a fan of Target's C9 line, take note: You'll get the same kind of utility and high-performing fabrics with a little more edge and photo-readiness.

JoyLab Target



Think super-flattering crop tops, '90s-inspired hoodies, and cool graphic prints. Basically, it's the kind of gear you'll want to throw on whether you have gym time on your agenda or not.

Sadly, the JoyLab collection doesn't launch until October. But circle it on your calendar now—we've seen the future, and everyone on your Instagram feed is wearing that striped matching set.

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