This Thanksgiving Morning Workout Is Like Taking an Anti-Bloat Pill

Most of us have experienced the feeling of waking up the day after Thanksgiving with a debilitating hangover, not even from the booze but from the meal itself. Thanksgiving dinner involves so many deliciously naughty foods in larger quantities than most of us are used to consuming on the daily, which means the fallout from all that nosh can be rough. At worst, it can make you feel so physically and spiritually icky that you wonder how you'll ever go back to eating healthy or feeling good ever again. Indeed, Thanksgiving can be that dramatic.

Skipping Thanksgiving to avoid these risks is obviously out of the question (because, hello, stuffing). But what if you could do something the morning before your big feast to ease the consequences? What if that something came in the form of a quick-and-dirty Thanksgiving morning workout?

Luckily, preemptive de-bloating workouts do exist. In fact, we found someone to design a custom one just for Byrdie: Charlee Atkins, certified strength and conditioning specialist and founder of Le Sweat. "To prep for bloat, we need to recruit as many muscle groups as possible while also being mindful of the sequencing of exercises," says Atkins. The following sweat sesh involves intense movements from one muscle group to the next, all squeezed into a short but fiery time frame. "The movements will get your heart rate up very quickly and doing it three times through will guarantee a break of a sweat," Atkins says.

Here's a hot tip to follow before you start your Thanksgiving workout from celebrity personal trainer Jake Newlander. It sounds so simple, but begin your day with a 15-minute walk around the neighborhood. "A morning walk does wonders for the body," Newlander says. "Some of these benefits include waking up your muscles and getting your heart pumping and ready for the day."

Ready for Atkins's perfect 20-minute Thanksgiving morning workout? Just keep scrolling.