Here's How to Train Your Brain to Be More Creative



In a wellness world where our scope has widened to more than calorie counting and green juices, we’re asking more questions about our mind, its power, and how we can use it to our creative advantage.

That’s where theta waves come in.

Theta waves are one of the five wavelengths in which our brains operate, and we can tap into this part of our brain to access the subconscious, which as celebrity hypnotherapist Camilla Sacre-Dallerup tells us, can rule 95% of our brain function in everyday life.

If you’ve ever meditated, then you’ve most likely met your theta waves or have been in a theta state. While they’re a part of you all the time, it’s a matter of how we can access this mental realm to hone our subconscious and call in more creativity.

If our personal wellness journeys are really just a matter of knowing ourselves better, it’s worth finding your way to a theta state to be in a more creative, intuitive place.

Here are some ways to get there.