Introducing #ThirtyNotestoSelf: A Grassroots Movement to Silence Self-Criticism

With crowded inboxes, demanding schedules, and the general trappings of modern life, it's almost too easy to fall into autopilot mode. We blitz through our to-do lists with blinders on, leaving little space to show ourselves any gratitude for everything we accomplish on a daily basis. That's what inspired us to create our new campaign, #ThirtyNotesToSelf—a grassroots movement designed to stop you in your tracks and put a smile on your face when you least expect it. Starting in Los Angeles, we'll be stashing mini pep talks everywhere from buzzy fitness studios and grocery stores to city landmarks. Seek them out for a pick-me-up, or let the good vibes find you.

To kick things off, we debuted our first note at modelFIT this week with an exclusive class for THE/THIRTY readers. Sarah Rector led the group through a tough series of dynamic exercises designed to sculpt, lengthen, and tone every muscle—think resistance bands, medicine balls, ankle weights, and bursts of dance cardio peppered in. After sweating it out, each attendee went home with some nice wellness swag: a Corkcicle Water Bottle ($30), Frank Body's Coconut Scrub ($19), and a packet of Evolve's Protein Powder ($20).