The Thyroid Diet: How to Eat for a Faster Metabolism and More Energy

What does your thyroid do? In short, everything. Every cell and gland in your body depends on thyroid hormones to regulate its metabolism. “The thyroid gland governs how fast calories are burned by the body. It works collectively within the body, regulating hormones that manage a healthy metabolism,” explains, a holistic beauty nutritionist and co-founder of Zea Skin Solutions. Read: It’s also an MVP in regulating your metabolism (and, thus, weight).

Your diet can affect the way your thyroid functions. To learn the best and worst foods for a healthy thyroid diet, we tapped Paula Simpson and three more wellness experts (including a naturopathic doctor) and Thumbtack personal trainers and wellness coaches. Ahead, they share the five best foods to consume—and seven worst—for a healthy thyroid. Take note!