A Massage Therapist Shares Her Most Valuable Tips for Falling Asleep Fast


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Most of us know what constitutes good "sleep hygiene": total darkness, an electronics-free bedroom, and avoiding caffeine before bed are just a few of the (fairly obvious) basics. But as a chronic insomniac, I also know that the basics alone are often not enough—and that's why I felt compelled to check out a new sleep treatment at the Langham hotel's Chuan Spa in Pasadena. (That and the fact that I was not going to turn down a massage—full disclosure.)

Touted as a way to "take back your sleep," the Sweet Dreams Massage basically combines individually relaxing elements of acupressure, breathing, and aromatherapy, all with the idea that you can practice these kinds of rituals at home too. It ultimately served as a decidedly luxurious crash course in sleeping better—only snoozing during class is highly encouraged. The fact that I couldn't recall the details of the treatment afterward is a solid testament to how well it worked.

To jog my memory, I reached out to massage therapist Taleena Pelayo for her pointers on DIY'ing the treatment at home.