7 Toning Ballet Moves You Can (and Should) Try at Home



As a kid, I spent one or two afternoons a week after school attending dance classes. Between tap, pointe, and, yes, even musical theaterthanks, Mom—I got more than my fair share of exercise as a child from those classes alone. Back then, it didn't even hit me that I was actually working out. To me, it was all about giggling with my friends during stretches and wearing glitzy costumes at the end-of-year recital.

Fast-forward 15 or so years later, and I rediscovered ballet after scrolling through my ClassPass feed and finding a local studio that offered fitness classes based on the practice. Maybe I was simply feeling a bit nostalgic that night, but soon enough I was slipping on a pair of ballet slippers and heading to my spot at the barre. After just one class (aka an hour of feeling my calves burn and stretching my tight muscles), I was completely hooked on an old childhood pastime.

That class reminded me of just how powerful a workout ballet (and any form of dance, really) can be. I wanted to hear an expert's advice on how to continue to feel the ballet burn even outside of class, so I reached out to ballerina veteran and founder of workout streaming service Ballet Blast by Sassy, Sassy Gregson-Williams. According to her expert opinion, these are the best toning ballet moves you can do at home.