Fact: We Found the Tastiest Vegan and Keto Recipes on the Internet

Though we'll never prescribe a certain way of eating or any kind of particular diet, we'd be remiss not to acknowledge that many of you lovely readers are interested in certain lifestyles and ways of eating—be it vegan, gluten-free, Paleo, Mediterranean, keto, and the list goes on. Plus, it goes without saying that it's paramount to be as informed as possible when making adjustments to your diet, and since we have access to some of the most knowledgeable nutritionists and medical experts in the biz, we feel it's our duty to help relay literature, recipes, and resources in hopes you can make informed decisions for your unique lifestyle needs. (Also keeping in mind that what works for your friend may not work for you and what your body loved last year may feel stagnant now.) We're all different, we all crave different kinds of foods, and each of our bodies will react uniquely and distinctively to whichever way we can choose to fuel it.

Therefore, though not everyone may identify with eating vegan or believe in the touted benefits of going keto (aka extremely low-carb), we understand and respect whatever means of energy works for you on a personal level. And hopefully, it goes without saying that we want to encourage whatever it is that makes you feel like your best self. That being said, we're aware that there seems to be a universal demand for nutritious, balanced, and expert-backed recipes aligning with both vegan and keto lifestyles right now, so we decided to reach out to some of the most relevant experts in the food and wellness industry. (Who are all making waves in the vein of science and nutrition right now.) The question we posed to them: What are your favorite vegan- and keto-friendly recipes? Ahead are eight delicious, incredibly satisfying recipes chock-full of plant-based, low-carb goodness. Keep scrolling for the exclusive picks.