The 20 Healthiest Vegetables You Can Eat, According to Top Nutritionists

Asking a top nutritionist to choose their favorite (or what they view as "the healthiest") vegetables kind of feels like making them choose a favorite child. Us? Not so much. Alas, anyone who hasn't been living under a rock since their initiation on planet Earth knows a diet rich in vegetables—preferably of all colors, sizes, and types—is essential for everything from hair and bone health to immunity and weight loss. And quite honestly, vegetables and all other superfoods have been having a long-awaited moment in the limelight the past few years.

Vegetable-infused juices, vitamins, protein powders, kombucha, and smoothies are more par for the course over fruit-laden options, and there's been a staggering rise in salad- and veggie bowl–focused grab-and-go pitstops and restaurants. Vegetables are cool again, and hey, as big proponents of all things health and wellness here at THE/THIRTY, we're very much here for it. That said, no matter the fact that in our minds a vegetable is a vegetable (and if we're eating one it's far better than if we weren't eating any), we'd be remiss to conclude all veggies are equal in stature in terms of their nutritional profile. Some are healthier than others, and to help us find out which are the all-time best and healthiest for us to consume, we reached out to four top nutritionists to give us an earful. Ahead, 20 of the healthiest vegetables to fill your plate with tonight. Keep scrolling!