This Collagen Creamer Turns Your Morning Coffee Into a Beauty Supplement



Everyone wants to maintain beautiful hair, skin, and nails. Everyone also wants to stay healthy and active. That's where beauty supplements come into play. Even though most of them are targeted toward improving physical appearance, supplements provide nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that can bolster your internal health as well (depending on which ones you take, of course).

The newest beauty supplement to come across our desks does just that. It's rich in collagen and healthy fats, and it's dairy-free. The best part is that it's not a pill or a tablet you have to remind yourself to take. No, taking this one is much easier (and much more delicious) since you can add it to your morning coffee, tea, or smoothie. After all, it's called the Collagen Creamer for a reason. Keep scrolling to see this new beauty supplement and learn why we fell in love with it at first taste. 

You might be familiar with Vital Proteins through its Collagen Peptides ($43). These peptides are sustainably sourced from grass-fed bovine. Collagen is thought to benefit hair, skin, and nails (which is why it's listed in so many beauty supplements as one of the first ingredients). Since it's actually a type of protein, the collagen also helps to internally strengthen tendons, ligaments, and joints.

Sounds good, right? Well, the brand's newest product is just as good for your health as the original collagen product, but this time it's slightly different. It's a powdered creamer that's soluble in liquids like coffee and tea. Since it's made with organic powdered coconut milk, all you have to do is stir it into your favorite beverage in order to reap all of the collagen benefits. Thanks to the coconut milk, it also contains heart-healthy fats like MCTs (or medium-chain triglycerides—they increase energy and decrease fat storage).

The creamer also tastes amazing. Byrdie's senior editor Hallie Gould is a fan: "I've read a lot about how consuming collagen orally doesn't really do much for your skin, so it's no secret I was skeptical when I tried Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer. But then our editorial director, Faith, told me the story of its conception: The founder of the company is a runner and found he developed a ton of joint and muscle pain as a result. So much so, he felt he needed to do some research. After mixing a bit of collagen into his coffee each morning, his pain completely went away—which, as a runner, must have been veritably life-changing. So even though there aren't conclusive studies to show what it will do for your skin, this product is good for your body, and that matters to me too."

"I mixed the powder into my coffee one morning and couldn't believe how great it tasted—like blending frothy coconut butter right in. It's dairy-free—which I love, as a nutritionist told me to limit my dairy intake—and boasts nine grams of healthy fat. Those fats are good for your metabolism and your hair, and the collagen is really great for your joint and bone health. I'm officially on board," she said.

Finally, if you're worried about a long list of additives hiding behind a few beneficial ingredients, don't be. The ingredients list is short. In fact, there are only four of them: organic coconut milk powder, collagen peptides, organic bamboo shoot extract, and organic acacia fiber. In the vanilla-flavored version, all the company adds is vanilla bean. The other flavor you can try, gingerbread, contains the same base ingredients plus organic cinnamon, ginger root, and nutmeg. Um, please excuse us while we go buy all three in preparation for super-healthy Starbucks-level morning lattes.