I Tried a Vitamin Vape Pen—Because Yes, It's a Thing



As a longtime non-smoker, I have never been interested in vapes. While my lips are foreign to the touch of a cigarette (but are very familiar with the taste of cannabis), I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t slightly intrigued by the mechanics of these e-liquid products. A few months ago, I was practically buzzing while I scrolled through The Cut’s “As Told To” story about the rise (and fall) of the Juul and how teens in New York are very over it. Over the summer, The New Yorker published a piece about the device and its prominence in establishing vape culture as a real thing.

Needless to say, I was perplexed when a “vitamin vape” emerged on my screen while I was browsing in the wellness section of a retail store’s website. If parents, teachers, and administrators are worried about the youth getting their hands on Juuls, I could only imagine the conflict that will arise when they find out that their kids could be vaping vitamins.

Growing up, I was constantly told about how smoking is bad for you, but I couldn’t help but wonder if vitamins were a legitimate exception. As someone who struggles to stay on top of taking their vitamins in capsule form—I am also terrible at swallowing pills because of my extremely narrow throat—I thought that it might be worth hitting the vape. So I decided to try out products from LUU and BioVape. The first time that I inhaled the vitamins in my apartment, I didn’t really feel anything, so I proceeded to take a few more puffs.

It wasn’t until I went outside into the sunlight that I started to feel more wired than usual. Sure, I’d had some caffeine from a cup of matcha, but this sudden burst of energy was like nothing I’d ever felt before. Furthermore, I didn’t feel myself crashing as the day went on, which was a refreshing change. I also loved the idea of being able to inhale and exhale wherever I pleased, practically daring anyone to reprimand me for it so I could retort, “You’ve got it all wrong, darling. I’m taking my vitamins!”