"Wabi-Sabi" Is the Latest Wellness Trend to Impact the Internet


Trinette Reed

You know how wellness trends go. Just when you've embraced one, another pops up in its place. To fully understand it, you have to take on another learning curve. It can be frustrating sometimes (why do they have to come and go so quickly?), but it's also an opportunity to find an ideology and routine that work for you. Since it's right after the New Year and we're all focusing on health and wellness, we think there's no better time to introduce you to a new one.

This time, though, it doesn't seem to be a fleeting movement. Like the Danish wellness trend of hygge, this one can change your routine for the better. It's called "wabi-sabi," and we've seen this Japanese living ideology rise in popularity in magazines, on Pinterest boards, and throughout our Instagram feeds over the last few months. It's being hailed as the inspiration for health, mindset, beauty routines, and even the interior trends of the moment. Read on to discover how this ancient Japanese philosophy can bring some clarity to your life.

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This post was originally published on Byrdie UK and has since been updated by Kaitlyn McLintock.