7 Ways I Fight Stress That Don't Require Leaving My Bed


Katie Neuhof

Do you ever get so stressed that even the prospect of doing something to reduce your stress stresses you out? Yep, same. My nervous system tends to run on a high frequency, so excited, positive energy can quickly turn into anxious, stressed energy (extrovert problems). They're two sides of the same coin. Whenever I start to feel overwhelmed, whether it be by my to-do list, a relationship problem, a work setback, or nothing in particular, sometimes taking a step to manage that stress (say, by going to a yoga or Pilates class, moving up my therapy appointment, or calling a friend to unload) can feel like just another task I need to accomplish, which can make me spiral even further.

For this reason, I've had to make my stress-management routine really, really simple. As in, so simple that whenever my nervous system starts to short-circuit on me, I can address it using a few products and techniques that I have right on hand—like, in-my-bedroom on hand. If you suffer from stress (and the stress of not knowing how to deal with your stress), I've got some advice. The following seven easy, simple things are what I do to fight stress when literally everything feels overwhelming.