Real Talk: Is Living a Balanced Life Even Possible?

Does it ever feel like the list of things we’re supposed to do on a daily basis is constantly growing? Applying sunscreen, eating a healthy breakfast, working out, drinking our weight in ounces of water—oh, and calling our mothers… These tasks only begin to scratch the surface. And that’s just our list before lunchtime. Some days we simply just can’t check off every box (sorry, Mom), and that’s why finding balance is so important. It’s a topic that’s always on our minds.

If you often feel like your schedule is chaotic and your wellness goals are not being achieved, we’re here to tell you that you’re not alone. We’re also here with some real-life advice on how you can try to do it all, and how to cope on those days when it’s just not happening for you. We asked several 20- and 30-somethings on our team what finding balance means to them, and it turns out that everyone has a different way of defining this concept and putting it into practice.

Below, find out how these girls achieve balance and find joy in their everyday lives, from getting their workouts in early (wearing cute gear from Target's new activewear brand, JoyLab, of course) to changing the way they consume veggies.

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