11 Gifts for the Erewhon Enthusiast

If the name Erewhon doesn't ring any bells, just know this: To those of us who reside in Southern California, few things are more synonymous with L.A.'s forward-thinking wellness scene. The organic grocery store can be best described as Whole Foods to the nth power—a revered destination for health-minded celebrities, fitness influencers, and run-of-the-mill wellness enthusiasts alike. Behind the scenes, Erewhon's team works exceedingly hard to ensure that the franchise is at the forefront of every fledgling wellness trend, from CBD to adaptogens to sustainable skincare.

To us, the quintessential Erewhon customer is the self-described health nerd—the person in your life whose shelves are lined with Michael Pollan books and exotic-sounding superfood powders, who can rattle off the science behind myofascial release as well as cannabis. We crafted this list of must-have wellness gifts with this friend in mind—no Los Angeles zip code required.