These 35 Gifts Will Make Your Friends' Lives So Much Easier

These 35 Gifts Will Make Your Friends' Lives So Much Easier



I don't know about you, but when it comes to shopping for gifts for my friends and family, I gravitate toward items that are practical yet unique. Okay, "practical" might sound boring, but before I purchase a gift, I think, How often will they really use this? And if I think they'll get a lot of use out of it, I immediately add it to my cart. While I think novelty gifts can be so fun, I'd rather give someone a gift that they'll use over and over (and over).

It's not all completely selfless, though—let's be real here. If someone is so obsessed with a gift that it becomes their go-to or something they can't live without, well, it looks good on me as a gift giver, right? So I'm always searching for useful gifts that will hopefully make my loved ones' lives a little bit easier, whether it's something they've been needing for a while or something that relieves stress or puts a smile on their face.

And I think the best category of gifts for these criteria are wellness ones. Think activewear or gym gear, self-care items, cozy home décor, and even food and drink. Take a look at some of my favorite picks I've come across this year.

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For friends who are taking their workouts on the go, this small duffel is a no-brainer. It comes with a strap to convert into a crossbody. There are zipper and slip pockets both on the outside and inside, plus a pouch for shoes and anything that's wet.

This holiday set is perfect for unwinding time. It comes with a mini amethyst de-puffing facial roller, an amethyst gua sha facial-lifting tool, a mini plant root remedy facial oil, and a mini calming herbal repair facial massage balm.

Included in Us Two's variety pack is a sampling of Taiwanese teas: oolong, baozhong, and jasmine. And with a chilly winter on the horizon, it's just what you need for cozy days.

This kit checks off the beauty and wellness boxes. It features all of Golde's most-loved essentials: each of the brand's three Superfood Latte Blends (Original Turmeric, Matcha Turmeric, and Cacao Turmeric) and two Superfood Face Masks (Clean Greens and Papaya Bright).

Coffee (or tea) tastes so much better in a sculptural mug. We love the idea of mixing or matching to create a set. 

These bath salts let you re-create a traditional Japanese onsen, a hot spring, so your mind can go somewhere that's miles away from your bathtub. It has Yunohana onsen minerals and Hinoki essential oils.

Help your friends and family get themselves all set up for the New Year with this planner. It's designed with the latest neuroscience research and success principles from thought leaders such as Brené Brown.

Place these on your shower floor and let the relaxation begin. When the water hits the tablets, they'll activate and steam will fill up the bathroom. It's formulated with a blend of lavender fragrance, essential oils, and menthol.

This set is for the people in your life who want to cook more in the New Year. It contains Omsom's best-selling flavors: Vietnamese Lemongrass BBQ, Thai Larb, Japanese Yuzu Misoyaki, and Korean Spicy Bulgogi starters. There are 12 starters in each set, which adds up to 24 meals.

Inside this box is everything you need for a self-love bath ritual: lavender vanilla bath salts, body and hair oil, and a raw rose quartz stone. And an added bonus? From each sale, one dollar will be donated to the Global Fund for Women.

This journal is filled with 88 pages of prompts and actions to help you reflect and reconnect with yourself. I can't think of a better gift to start 2022 off right.

I'm absolutely obsessed with Boy Smells' candles and always gift friends and family with them, so I'm definitely getting at least one of these sets this year. The set has five mini candles with scents like cardamom, geranium, pink peppercorn, and rhubarb.

For your friend who's the coffee connoisseur, gift them with this Vietnamese coffee starter kit. It comes with one bag of coffee and one phin filter—and it can even be brought on the go.

Hill House Home is known for its cult-favorite Nap dresses, but the brand also makes other cozy finds like robes and pajamas. This hotel robe just might make you feel like you're on vacation. It's made in Portugal from 100% organic cotton.

Yogasleep's white noise machine is a multitasking device that doesn't take up that much room. It's also a wireless speaker and nightlight. It features 30 sound options, eight lullaby tracks, and has an auto-off timer.

Come January, there's always a big group of people embarking on a Whole30 journey. If you know someone who's planning on it this year, gift them with this bundle, which will make meal planning so much easier. It comes with four hot sauces, two enchilada sauces, and three seasonings.

Even a plant newbie will appreciate this aloe grow kit. It's so easy to care for. The kit has a glazed interior and a passive hydroponic system.

If you want to gift someone with a highly curated gift box but don't have time to source everything yourself, let Rare Assembly do the work for you. This collection features items to help the recipient relax and take a break. There's a vegan lotion bar, aromatherapy inhaler, bath soak, shower steamers, herbal tea, and a chocolate bar.

You've got everything you need here for hair and scalp health. There's Ceremonia's award-winning hair oil that nourishes and strengthens hair, plus a scalp massager to exfoliate and distribute the hair's natural oils.

A lot of us need to drink more water throughout the day, and this bottle makes it easy to add to a routine. The bottle holds one liter of water and features daily time trackers on the exterior to help you figure out how much to drink to stay hydrated.

Give the gift of restful sleep with this bundle. It includes a luxurious silk pillowcase and a silk eye mask, which are both breathable and gentle on the skin and hair.

The workdays can get very hectic, but this set makes the end-of-day ritual so easy. It comes with two turmeric botanical soap bars and a candle to help calm the mind and body.

The home baker in your life will fall in love with this set. It has everything they need to make any kind of dessert—there are seven pieces of bakeware here, from cake pans to a pie dish.

This cozy and large throw blanket is made from recycled cotton/poly eco-yarn. The pattern is a groovy '70s print that will add a pop of color to a bed or sofa.

Soap might seem like a "boring" holiday gift, but not when they're soaps from eco-friendly cleaning brand, Blueland. This set includes two glass reusable bottle and six plastic-free refill tablets. The scents are Iris Agave, Perrine Lemon, and Lavender Eucalyptus.

These high-waisted and seamless leggings are comfortable and easy to move around in—perfect for the friend who's always going on hikes or heading to the gym. The fabric is buttery soft with stretch and light compression.

Upgrade your friend's bath time with this set of five bath bombs. They'll enjoy trying out the different scents, which are all guaranteed to make self-care time a little bit more special.

Here's another candle bundle to set the mood at home. This one transports you to Paris with three different candles: Linen (pink pepper, linen, and sandalwood), Rose (rose de mai, white cedar, and musk), and Cassis (crème de cassis, blackcurrant, and tonka bean).

A coloring book is a fun gift to give friends who want to try something new for their wind-down routine or keep saying they want a break from their phone.

Who wouldn't enjoy putting this groovy puzzle together? It's a fun thing to bring out when you have company over or for solo unwinding time.

These kombucha options are so delicious and high-quality. There are four different flavors to choose from: green tea lemongrass, hibiscus rose hips, yerba mate mint, and original.

This jacket is ideal for the runner in your life. It will keep them warm during their outdoor runs in the wintertime. The jacket features a shell vest for even more warmth. There are also two front pockets and hand pockets.

We love Kin Euphorics' mood-boosting products, and this pack has everything you need to get to know the brand. The eight-pack features Kin Spritz, which helps with focus and clarity, and Lightwave, which can provide a sense of calm.

This non-alcoholic spirit is so refreshing and can be mixed with two parts tonic or sparkling water and ice. It has tasty notes of "citrus, sherbert, and salty sunshine"—think a lemony vodka.

A great alternative to sodas or overly sweet drinks, this variety pack contains 12 cans of delicious sparkling fruit drinks. Flavors include Hibiscus Ginger Ale, Lank Drank (rose fruit punch), Tummy Tamer, and Who Luvs Orange Soda.