This Is What Happens to Your Body When You Start Running Every Day



Running is a polarizing form of exercise. Some find it mind-clearing and almost addictive; others loathe it with such a passion that they would only agree to run when chased. No matter your position, there's no doubt that running a few miles a few times a week can have enormous benefits on your cardiovascular health, energy levels, metabolism, and mental health

Though many of us possess a general knowledge that running is a healthy habit, fewer have a solid understanding of what the exact benefits are and how long you have to run regularly for them to show up. To get a clear picture of what happens to your body an hour, a day, a week, a month, and more after you start regular running, we spoke to Dara Bushman, a clinical psychologist with a background and expertise in health and fitness. Bushman broke down a precise timeline of the benefits that running three to five miles three or four times a week can have on your body and mind. Keep scrolling to find the amazing things that can happen after you start running.