What to Know Before Taking Your First Barre Class



For those of us with a full hand on the pulse of all things health and wellness, barre isn't a new concept: The trendy ballet-derived fitness class is adored by models like Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss, and Alessandra Ambrosio (you know, of the Victoria's Secret genus). Leg warmers, barre shoes, and lithe limbs outstretched over wooden barres have filled up our Instagram feeds for years, and yet, presumably for those geographically distant from fitness-centric destinations like New York and L.A., barre is still a bit of a foreign concept: Google tells us that users search "What is barre?" almost 2K times per month.

Allow us to demystify this question for anyone still curious about the celeb-loved workout—and to do so, we went straight to the source: Leila Fazel, the co-founder of Aerospace High Performance Center and a barre expert. Below, learn all about the leg-lengthening workout.



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