New York and L.A. Girls Are All Secretly Getting This De-Bloating Treatment


Dirty Lemon

I heard about it the way one hears about any taboo beauty treatment: Over white wine and crudités at the Chateau Marmont. I was there having breakfast with a few beauty editors and some publicists from a high-end makeup brand I won't mention for reasons you're about to find out. In between sips of Sauvignon Blanc and discussions of how much dairy is too much dairy, one of the women in our group casually mentioned that on days when she feels bloated, she and her friends in New York all swear by an unmentionable service offered by a chic, secret facility in the Flatiron called "Fluid Water Therapy."

After five minutes of veiled descriptions of how the treatment "totally cleans you out," and is "kind of disgusting but worth it," I pieced together that she was talking about colonics: A gut-clearing procedure that I had heard about in passing (but couldn't define if you asked me) and thought no one really got anymore. A little asking around proved me dead wrong: Apparently, everyone in New York and L.A., from celebrities to Byrdie editors, is getting colonics—they're just not talking about it.

"I got one in NYC like three years ago," revealed a fellow Byrdie staffer who requested anonymity "because, gross." As she explained, the treatment "was amazing in the days afterward—it completely rebooted my digestive system." But there's a reason I'd never heard about it until now. "Not to be TMI," she continued, "but immediately afterward, they invited me to hang out at the spa … and while I was in the steam room I was like oh shit (literally) and had to sprint to the bathroom because you like, leak."

If you've ever had a colonic, then you know exactly what my anonymous Byrdie source is talking about. But if you're outside the circle, like me, then you might be a little scared. Let's just say this: If you live in a large American city, odds are your friends are already on the colonics bandwagon. Keep scrolling to find out if you should be too.