What to Eat After Working Out, Whether You Ran or Did Yoga

You’re training for a marathon and just finished a five-mile run; naturally, you’ve worked up an appetite and are wondering what you should eat the second you get home. Which is good, because New York City–based nutritionist Dara Godfrey tells us that it’s crucial to eat within an hour after any prolonged workout—no matter if your sweat session involved the aforementioned jogging, boxing, or a yoga flow.

So what exactly should you eat after working out? Generally speaking, Godfrey says to include a combination of carbohydrates and lean protein. “Protein is essential for any muscle bearing exercise to help build muscle,” she says. “Protein is fuel for your muscles (just like carbs are fuel for your brain).” What’s more, eating the right foods after exercising can increase the benefits of your sweat session—especially if you tailor your post-workout fuel to your fitness routine. With that in mind, we’ve compiled tips from nutritionists and trainers on their go-to foods after every kind of exercise.