The Natural-Glow Diet: 8 Foods That'll Transform Your Skin

A dewy, luminous complexion has never been more covetable—and as such, there are now countless products available to help us achieve said glow. But as much as we adore a great highlighter, the foundation of lit-from-within skin comes from, well, within. The food you eat has a direct impact on your complexion, so it might be time to see the contents of your fridge as an extension of your skincare regimen.

That said, some foods are obviously more beneficial than others—which is why we turned to Meryl Pritchard to share her ideal complexion-boosting menu. As a nutritionist and the founder of popular organic meal delivery service Kore Kitchen, Pritchard knows a thing or two about balancing and beautifying the body from the inside out. Below, she shares the foods (and supplements) that can clear acne, even skin tone, and even stop aging in its tracks.