These Are the Best (and Worst) Foods for a Healthy Brain

When I think about my long-term health, keeping my body and skin in good shape is certainly important, but making sure my mind stays sharp is priority number one. Sure, losing collagen and a youthful figure stinks, but as long as I can still have intelligent conversations, aging doesn't really scare me.

That said, I know that taking measures to keep my brain healthy is just as important as with my body and skin. I do my best to read thought-provoking material each day, and I play a lot of Scrabble, which experts say is good mental exercise, alongside brain training games. But recently I got to thinking about nutrition: We've extensively covered the best foods to eat for a flat tummy and clear skin here at THE/THIRTY HQ, but what about foods for cognitive function?




"We are beginning to more clearly understand the impact of nutrition on learning and memory—from infancy into adulthood," says Matt Kuchan, Ph.D., lead nutrition discovery scientist for brain health at Abbott, a global healthcare company. "That really brings to life the important role nutrition plays in helping to create strong brain connections, helping us to focus, preserving our memories, and ultimately, in preserving who we are."

I spoke with Kuchan as well as two other brain health specialists, who shared the latest research about which foods help keep our brains sharp (and which we should avoid).