10 Wellness Witches You Should Follow on Instagram

Want more magic in your life? You're in good company. Instagram accounts dedicated to witch-themed content, including crystal healing, tarot reading, and holistic wellness, have been blowing up over the past couple of years. Curious about alternative self-care practices, female social media followers are more interested than ever in astrology and eccentric spirituality—and modern-day, real-life practicing witches are here to deliver.

What does a witch Instagram look like? Everything from advice on how to make your own anti-anxiety herbal tinctures to tips on the tarot to hilarious zodiac-themed memes. Sound interesting? If you want to add a little more witchiness to your life, keep scrolling to discover 10 awesome witch accounts to follow on Instagram.

Expect mostly lolz-worthy astrological memes and uplifting words of feminist spiritual wisdom from this astrologer, who also writes a horoscope column for Girlboss and hosts an astrology podcast called Ghost of a Podcast.

If you're going to follow any witch, let it be Bri Luna of The Hoodwitch, who's been posting colorful occult artwork, metaphysical advice, and promoting her online New Age shop since the beginning of Instagram. You also will not find anyone with better nails on possibly the entire internet.

Tarot reader Katie Paige uploads the dreamiest warm-toned flat lays of mystical objects like crystal, candles, and tarot cards, always captioned by a spell, holistic wellness recipe, or nugget of witch-minded knowhow.

If you're a fan of funny feminist memes, smash that follow button on astrologer and activist Chani Nicholas, who creates all her own memes herself. In between posting hilarious horoscope-themed content, Nicholas also teaches online new moon workshops.

Self-proclaimed "tarot priestess" Melinda Lee Holm is your perfect follow if you're a witchy beginner wanting to know more about tarot and spells. Her pretty flat lays and straightforward advice are always double–worthy. 

This account portrays a darker, more gothic image of witchcraft, featuring gorgeous photography of the spiritual products its creator, Gwen, makes and sells on her Etsy shop. Think herbal tinctures, leather-and-labradorite headpieces, and candle magic kits.

Another aesthetically pleasing account, Anya's original photography offers ethereal, sometimes spooky flat lays of altars, spell books, candles, and sage, accompanied by captions detailing fun facts or stories behind the objects.

Plant medicine, crystal healing, and shamanic rituals are the focus of this elegant account, where you'll find imagery and information about gorgeous pagan props from rose-quartz sculptures to potion recipes to spiritual books.

This stylish L.A. witch is the author of Inner Witch: A Modern Guide to the Ancient Craft. With a background in fashion, Gabriela Herstik posts scores of fun witchy 'fit inspiration, so be sure to tap that follow button if you're into exhibitionist vintage lingerie, gothic dresses, and other fabulous witchy apparel. 

Tarot novices will love the simple information this inspiring New Orleans witch posts daily. Tatianna Morales of @tatiannatarot dedicates each of her detailed posts to just one card, so you're never overwhelmed. 

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Opening Image: Ancient Hearts