11 Women From India, Haiti, and More Share One Thing You Can Do to Empower Women

Every year since 1909, women around the world have celebrated International Women's Day in an effort to, as the organization's website states, "celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievement of women." Of course, advocating for the rights and empowerment of other women isn't something that starts and ends with International Women's Day, but since the mid-1970s, the UN has formally recognized March 8 as a time to call attention to it, and thousands of brands, nonprofits, and individuals use the event as an opportunity to jump-start women's rights initiatives. This is all wonderful, obviously, but these ideas are also very big, and sometimes the overwhelming concept of "how to support women's rights" can be hard to wrap your head around. On an occasion as largescale as International Women's Day, how can everyday women figure out where to focus their energy and how to lend their support to the sisterhood in a way that makes sense for them?

For some guidance, we got in touch with 11 inspiring women across the globe—from Argentina, Kenya, Israeli, Haiti, Australia, and beyond—and asked them to share with us the efforts they make in their daily lives, both big and small, to help empower other women. Some of their actions are as grand as starting nonprofit organizations (which you can totally donate to!) and some are as simple as lending daily support to fellow women through verbal affirmations. Whatever commitments you're able to make to female empowerment, we hope you find some inspiration here.