The One Thing I Do Every Week to Decrease Sunday Scaries

Welcome to our series #SaveOurSundays, where we tackle the Sunday Scaries and anxieties about the workweek head-on. Check back every week to learn how to take back your weekend and start your Monday on a better note.



Original Illustration by Haobin Ye

Fact: Weekends are way too short. Just as soon as they start, they're on their way out. So can someone kindly point me in the direction of the national suggestion box so I can slip in a note about moving toward three-day weekends? They're proven to reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions (less commuting and machinery output) and drastically improve our mental health and well-being. Sure, we have much bigger fish to fry than mandating a four-day workweek, but the thought is nice, isn't it? Another reason we'd benefit from longer weekends is that when the Sunday Scaries hit, the downward mental spiral that ensues thereafter is crippling.

"A lot of people not only feel anxious about the workweek ahead but can even feel depressed about the weekend ending," explains Heather Silvestri, an NYC-based psychologist.

So much of Sunday evening is spent wistfully mourning the weekend, rather than anticipating the upcoming week, so how do we change that? For me, it was as simple as making a small addition to my schedule.