7 Ways to Wind Down After an Evening Workout


Urban Outfitters

We all know Type A individuals who wake up at the crack of dawn, power through a high-intensity cardio class, and then stroll into the office like it ain’t no thing. And that’s awesome for them—really! However, if you’re on the other end of the spectrum and setting your alarm an hour before you have to roll out of bed to work out sounds miserable, you’re not alone (trust us).

If you prefer to get your gym hour in at night, there are a few pros and cons to consider. It’s great for burning off steam after work, and it’s nice not having the time constraints of a.m. or lunch hour workouts. Plus, you can go straight home, shower in your own bathroom, and lounge around in a robe sans makeup until it’s lights out.

We know all too well, though, that evening workouts are easy to blow off for wine and Netflix. And they make you scramble for excuses to turn down happy hours and desperately needed social time to instead bond with a treadmill. They can also derail your sleep, which is the worst when your body is exhausted.

So because we care, we’ve zeroed in on hacks to embrace all of the perks of being a nighttime fitness fan and avoid all of the negatives. Ahead, simple practices to ensure that your evening workout leaves you blissed out and ready for bed.