What to Pack If You Want to Stay Active on Vacation

For most of my life, I've been of the staunch belief that vacation should also serve as a vacation from the gym. Then, my general outlook on fitness began to shift from this idea of should to want. I began questioning the workouts that felt boring and punishing and started moving in ways that I actually enjoyed. And suddenly, the idea of being active while traveling felt exciting: I wouldn't necessarily want to spend hours in the hotel gym, for example, but I'd definitely be down to wander around ancient cobblestone streets for hours. Or zip-line through the jungle. Or spend a weekend at a yoga retreat.

This sentiment definitely rang true on a recent trip to the stunning Thompson Playa del Carmen, a luxury resort in the heart of Mexico's Riviera Maya. Thanks to an emphasis on wellness offerings and the region's natural propensity for adventure, the stay shaped up to be the perfect combination of action and relaxation. From rooftop yoga to mezcal tastings, there was never a dull moment—except when I needed a nap by the pool.

But it's hard to make the most of such a dynamic trip without the right items in your suitcase. Below, I'm sharing my go-to packing list if I intend on working out on vacation—from quick hotel room blitzes to underwater excursions.